My Vision

On any procedural, commercial aspects, we will dwell on in the webinars to come. Here I describe – in a concise and straightforward way – part of my ‘sentiment’; what distinguishes my thinking, my working environment, my way of relating to clients, what I expect from my colleaguesHere’s what i think (in no particular order).

Understanding yourself.

How are you? If you don’t take sufficient care of your wellbeing, especially your inner self, how can you take care of the Client‘s wellbeing? If you’re stressed, the Client will notice it, and your colleagues will notice it too. This affects your work, your relationships, even personal ones. Maybe other people’s tensions may “charge” you?  

What we achieve in life depends on how we act every day, the type of actions we take and how we implement them. But the actions, what are they determined by if not by our inner way of being? Simon Senek said years ago that he had codified this principle from “what”, “how”, and revealed that he had discovered that what made great leaders unique was the “why”, that is, the thing inside you, the cause, the purpose that pushes you to do something. “Why you do what you do”.

Understanding the Client.

The Client is not a commodity, but the opposite is also true: you, or the services you provide, are not. Stands this balance. First of all ‘tune in’ on yourself before you ‘tune in’ to the Client. Your Client must feel at ease, free to say something about himself, his family, his interests, free to express himself in his own way; he must be helped to focus his issues, his decision-making processes through practical, exemplified reasoning; you must convey welcome, security, and trust in just two words: show him empathy. In essence, it is essential to establish a sincere and respectful professional relationship, free of excessive formalisms or cordial ‘fictions’. A relationship that cannot but be reciprocated and/or sought after by others. Sometimes the best referral, or word of mouth, is simply based on this.

Understanding colleagues. 

For many years i considered my colleagues as competitors, but i recently changed my perspective completely. Today i see them as valuable resources. According to a recent report, there are at least 70 different specialisations within our profession. So: you can be good in 2 or 3, you can be an expert (which is very different from being a specialist) in 2 others. And then? Impossible to do everything. You run the risk of becoming an all-rounder and of thwarting a life of sacrifice.

This Programme works effectively because it enhances People, integrates their expertise according to the method, moderates competition, enhances qualities and not only results. It preserves an assertive,

safe, proactive and supportive environment that takes everyone into account, without ever judging anyone, especially on the basis of turnover. It encourages listening to others just as one listens to oneself, (again) in two words: showing empathy.


It is said that the more you work, the more you get. I can say – also from personal experience – that this is not the case. I draw more inspiration from Pareto’s principle. Of course, it is a statistical-empirical theory that 80% of the results are generated by a selection of 20% of your work. However, it has a very realistic basis. In practice: “monetise” your work by better choosing your customers, and/or look for new ones without wasting energy unnecessarily. You will learn to surround yourself with positive Colleagues and Clients, and you will be able to select those with whom you will have more pleasure to work with because you will feel “in tune”.

In conclusion.

In my Group there is this spirit: to know and listen to yourself and others, to be clear about your goals, to study continuously to understand new challenges and adapt to their needs, and last but not least, to make ‘group’ by supporting each other. If you would like to join this Programme, please participate in the selection. I will explain why i call this Programme ‘Paoletti Law Accelerator’.

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Paoletti Law Accelerator

The selection is divided into 2 steps. Get the response in 1 week.

1° Step

Fill out the form and send the request to get + Info.

2° Step

Receive a Questionnaire, complete it and send it back.

3° Step

Wait for an answer. If positive, hold a conference call with me.

4° Step

Wait for the final outcome in max 1 week for the "go / no go".

The participation in the Program includes an application, the subsequent entrance, and a periodic evaluation of the work.

Participation in the Program is subject to the signing of an Agreement – effective internationally – which provides for the acceptance of terms and conditions relating to the duration, use of content and tools, including digital, the use of networks of relationships, as well as the usual professional ethics.