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Innovate as a Business Lawyer
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Paoletti Law Accelerator is an innovative
multidisciplinary legal practice program.

It is an Association of Lawyers that aspires to a new professional perspective and strives to achieve a balance between work autonomy and quality of life.


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Paoletti Law Accelerator Program

What is it about?

I have designed a ‘Program’ of work that encompasses all my expertises in order to face the future challenges of our profession. The ‘business model’ is characterized by the synergic interaction of different legal specializations, the training and coaching of a cohesive, valued, ‘serene’ team. It is supported by a management system, high value digital tools and continuous training updates.

How much does it cost me?

Paoletti Law Accelerator is a Programme that invests in people and working tools. It is not software, and you cannot buy it. You will be surprised by the proposed ‘formula’, but consider that we do not invest money, time and work ‘blindely’. Candidates are subject to a selection process that takes into account psycho-aptitude, professional and human factors, and the ability to work in a team. The work is then periodically assessed on the ‘quality’ of the performance and the benefits, not only economical, that the member has received and transmitted to the Firm.

How does it work?

Upon evaluation of the skills and availability of each individual Professional, each of them is then later integrated into a well-coded social community, a system of ‘role-based’, interacting, and free from any form of hierarchy. The CEO makes sure that everyone knows ‘who can do what’. Not only that. He provides all his know-how – as well as innovative commercial and management software – in order to ensure performance, order and effectiveness, both among the professionals and employees as well as among the company workflows, in total transparency and serenity. Such combination guarantees the entire group the possibility to open up to job opportunities – impossible to reach and/or manage individually – and raises the competitiveness in front of a more and more diversified and aggressive market.

Who is it for?

Those who have been working in the legal profession for at least 8/10 years, looking for their professional autonomy, want to expand their capabilities, their contacts, find new clients, look for new business opportunities.
But also those who want to broaden their international horizons and work redeeming the time for their life, their personal interests.

Why all this?

What recently has happened globally (Covid19) has “forcibly” shown that society, the economy, businesses, will quickly change their approach to work and are moving towards a highly digital system. A radical change that will also affect the exercise of our profession: knowing how to carry out our profession, everywhere, well and quickly. It is a transformation that we can decide to “undergo” or “use”. That’s why we need to be ready, that’s why I designed and implemented the “Paoletti Law Accelerator” programme.

How is it different?

Contrary to a hierarchical organization, each Professional maintains its independence. He declares, without anyone ‘judging’, the time and role he wished to provide. The rest is relative.
Even the ‘turnover’, or the physical location from which he performs his work, is not necessarily discriminatory. What is important is that the promised commitments are finally kept, so that the Network ‘works’ perfectly and smoothly. This type of flexibility allows you to quickly update roles and dynamics, so that you can take ‘sudden’ opportunities, or manage any related issues.
The hierarchical organization of a classic law firm ‘suffers’ from such internal balances and procedures that the dynamism and flexibility needed to keep pace with the changes in today’s market is virtually impossible.

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Paoletti Law Accelerator

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The participation in the Program includes an application, the subsequent entrance, and a periodic evaluation of the work.

Participation in the Program is subject to the signing of an Agreement – effective internationally – which provides for the acceptance of terms and conditions relating to the duration, use of content and tools, including digital, the use of networks of relationships, as well as the usual professional ethics.