1. I'd like to be independent, but I'm struggling to find customers, or I don't have the tools to do so.
The Programme will teach you how to carry out an effective prospecting activity, strengthen and consolidate your clients' relationships, identify your referral partners and then manage them through an efficient tracking system. You also have Salesforce, the best CRM platform on the market, and other useful tools at your disposal. And that's not all. You will regularly attend highly specialised courses, organised by renowned international training Agencies.
2. I am often under pressure because I have to achieve high billing targets.
In this Program, you are the one to determine the limit. You decide on the number of hours. Please see point 9 below.
3. I would like to work in a proactive and stimulating organisation.
It is one of our most obvious peculiarities. The idea is to create a community of professionals that cultivates and safeguards reciprocity. Willingness to do, transparency, correctness are induced by the 'system' itself. For example, every day, the Team carries out a coordinated collective brainstorming session (live streaming), or again, monthly, we participate in development programs, coaching, mentoring. Not only that. In February/March, an annual convention is held in Dubai between all Paoletti Group colleagues. A pleasant opportunity to discuss work issues, but also to make friends and enjoy a bit of fun in the UAE.
4. I would need support to improve my business intelligence, marketing, due diligence.
The Programme offers support and tools to achieve the best results.
5. I lose opportunities because i miss 'that' specialisation or i do things i don't like.
If one of your Clients asks you for advice in which you are not an expert, or asks you to do things you do not like, do not lose the opportunity: delegate it to the 'system'. A specialised colleague will support you and you will share the profits with him/her.
6. How can i trust you when i 'delegate' an assignment?
It is the Programme that 'governs' the management of the Client and the redistribution of the profits, according to pre-defined methods and arrangements, and in total transparency between the Parties.
7. I do not have an office and/or my mobility is 'reduced'.
The place where you are located does not necessarily preclude your work. Most of the work is organised in smart working and you will be equipped with all the IT tools you need to carry out your profession, such as access to databases for your legal researches, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce etc.
8. I would like to redeem some time for myself.
In Paoletti Law Accelerator you can exercise your profession by project, for a period of time, budget, by the hour, or limited to a function or role. You decide when and where to work, how much to earn... and without anyone "having anything to say".
9. Does this Programme include 'obligations' to be fulfilled?
To remain in the Programme there is a commitment to achive a minimum billing quota per year. There are further interesting incentives and targets. However, they are not 'mandatory'. Satisfied the basic quota, and the ethical and professional (and human) requirements required by Paoletti Law Group, there are no further constraints.
10. Are there any 'incentives'? What do they consist of?
The Programme favours, indeed stimulates, both cross-selling and upselling, and referrals are practically unlimited. This is because the 'system' tracks workflows and governs remuneration mechanisms. There is also a revenue share if you introduce a lawyer you know to the Programme. But that's not all. If you decide you want to achieve high goals, there are also important goals that are not only economic, such as joining Paoletti Law Group as a Partner and/or the possibility of settling in the UAE, as well as other benefits and support to make yourself visible among the 'locals'.
11. There is a new sector that I would like to explore in more detail, but time and costs prevent me from doing so.
Paoletti Law Accelerator is a multidisciplinary programme. This means that you potentially have access to multiple specialisations from which you can draw. Mentoring meetings are organised periodically. The Coach will help you to better focus your expectations and direct you towards your professional goals.
12. I would have to open a company in the Emirates to practice.
Absolutely not. If you join Paoletti Law Group, you will have access to the legal, administrative and tax assistance you need to start practising.
13. I would love to work in Dubai, but i can't move there forever.
Relocating aborad is your free choice. The place where you reside does not necessarily preclude your work. However, if you decide to do so, we can help you find a solution with a workstation, dedicated telephone line, secretarial functions and a meeting room.
14. I would very much like to participate in events, meet people, foreign professionals, local companies, in the UAE.
The business community in UAE is an expact environment with more the 90% of the population coming from abroad. We will give you an agenda of very interesting local and/or virtual events, through which you will increase your professional know-how.
15. What kind of requirements do i have and when can i start?
You must be a lawyer who has been practicing for at least 8-10 years. However, beyond the specialization, the skill, the turnover, the sense of responsibility, consider that you enter in a 'community' of lawyers who stand out for their proactive, collaborative, serene spirit. We do not like the yesmans, we approve of criticism (as long as it is respectful and constructive), but we disapprove of controversy, and even more of pride. The selection also considers these aspects. If you are interested, you fill in a preliminary questionnaire and have an interview with me. A few days of verification and once approved you are immediately in the game.
16. How much does it cost me?
Paoletti Law Accelerator is a Programme that invests in people and working tools. It is not software, and you cannot buy it. You will be surprised by the proposed 'formula', but consider that we do not invest money, time and work 'blindely'. Candidates are subject to a selection process that takes into account psycho-aptitude, professional and human factors, and the ability to work in a team. The work is then periodically assessed on the 'quality' of the performance and the benefits, not only economical, that the member has received and transmitted to the Firm.

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Paoletti Law Accelerator

The selection is divided into 2 steps. Get the response in 1 week.

1° Step

Fill the form to receive additional information.

2° Step

Complete and return the online aptitude questionnaire.

3° Step

Expect a call with me if you have passed the questionnaire.

4° Step

Wait for the final outcome in max 1 week for the "go / no go".

The participation in the Program includes an application, the subsequent entrance, and a periodic evaluation of the work.

Participation in the Program is subject to the signing of an Agreement – effective internationally – which provides for the acceptance of terms and conditions relating to the duration, use of content and tools, including digital, the use of networks of relationships, as well as the usual professional ethics.